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Casa Brasil Project - Reconstruction of Homes in Rio Grande do Sul

1.     Project Summary

In response to the unprecedented devastation caused by floods in Rio Grande do Sul, the “Casa Brasil Project” proposes an urgent and vital initiative to rebuild 30 homes of 60 square meters in the most affected cities, such as Roca Sales, Muçum, Eldorado do Sul, Estrela, and Encantado. With a total budget of R$ 3,959,624.00 (approximately $790,000.00), the project will not only restore housing but also provide the hope and infrastructure necessary for a sustainable and long-term recovery of the displaced communities. This ambitious plan encompasses everything from acquiring quality materials to implementing innovative construction practices, aiming not only to rebuild but to transform and strengthen the social and cultural foundations of these severely impacted areas.

2.    Project Overview and Concept

“Casa Brasil” represents a new beginning, integrating resilience and comfort with a design that reflects Brazil’s rich culture. The project not only restores homes but also promotes sustainable and innovative practices, setting a new standard in construction and architecture in Brazil.

3.    Housing Allocation Criteria

    •    Priority for Women with Children: Allocate houses first to women with children, providing a safe and stable environment for these vulnerable families.
   •    Priority for the Elderly: After attending to women with children, the elderly will be next to receive housing, ensuring their safety and comfort.
   •    Priority for Military Police Officers and Healthcare Professionals (Nursing): Provide safe housing for those who serve and protect the community, as well as healthcare professionals who are on the front lines of care.

4.    Design and Sustainability

    •    Resilient Construction: Steel structures for greater durability and safety.
   •    Advanced Thermal Insulation: Thermoacoustic technology for energy efficiency.
   •    Maximization of Natural Light: Use of large windows and solar panels to reduce energy consumption.

5.    Space and Functionality

    •    Modular Interiors: Adaptable spaces that allow customization by residents.
   •    Community Areas: Promote interaction and mutual support among neighbors.

6.    Social and Community Impact

    •    Capacity Building through Education: Training programs in sustainable construction.
   •    Promotion of the Circular Economy: Use of local materials and eco-efficient construction practices.

7.    Project Objectives

    •    Rebuild 30 safe and dignified homes.
   •    Foster volunteerism and community participation.
   •    Expand the “Casa Brasil” model to other areas as a reference in sustainable reconstruction.
   •    Make the architectural design of “Casa Brasil” available to other organizations and communities, allowing the innovative solution to be replicated in other regions affected by natural disasters. This initiative aims to promote a culture of solidarity and inter-organizational cooperation, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and resources in crisis situations.

8.    Implementation Strategies

    •    Partner with companies with social responsibility.
   •    Individual Donations: Online fundraising campaigns and community events.
   •    Family Fund: Partnerships with families reserving funds for disaster assistance.

9.    Detailed Budget

The total budget is R$ 3,959,624.00 to build 30 houses, detailed as follows:
Price per square meter R$ 2,199.83 by the May 2024 index by SINDUSCON -RS.

    •    Construction Materials: R$ 2,849,929.28
   •    Structures and Foundations
   •    Walls and Roofs
   •    Insulation and Covering Systems
   •    Internal and External Finishes
   •    Electrical and Hydraulic Installations
   •    Labor: R$ 791,924.80
   •    Bricklayers
   •    Welders
   •    Architects
   •    Engineers
   •    Painters
   •    Plumbers
   •    Carpenters, etc.
   •    Logistics and Operational Expenses: R$ 316,769.92
   •    Equipment and Machinery Rental
   •    Transportation and Logistics of Materials

10. Execution Schedule

    •    Planning and Fundraising: 01/06/2024 - 30/08/2024
   •    Construction Execution: 01/09/2024 - 01/02/2025
   •    Finalization and Evaluation: 02/02/2025 - 03/03/2025

11.    Evaluation and Impact

    •    Continuous monitoring and reporting for necessary adjustments and evaluation of social impact.

12.    Conclusion

The “Casa Brasil” project rekindles hope and strengthens the community fabric in times of adversity. Through this project, we are not just building walls and roofs but laying the foundations for a cultural and social rebirth. Each residence we raise is a home, a sanctuary of safety, and a space for new beginnings. Now more than ever, our mission is vital: to restore dignity and stability to families who have faced devastation, prioritizing mothers and their children, the elderly, military police officers, and healthcare professionals, ensuring that vulnerability is not an obstacle to resilience.

With a total investment of R$ 3,959,624.00, our commitment goes beyond sustainable architecture and eco-efficient construction practices; it embodies a long-term vision for community recovery and revitalization. “Casa Brasil” is a symbol of solidarity and innovation, a model we aspire to disseminate throughout the country as a beacon of hope and renewal.

Join us on this transformative journey, not just to build houses but to rebuild lives. Support “Casa Brasil” and be part of a movement that not only restores homes but recreates destinies, bringing light and color where there were once shadows and desolation. It’s time to act, to rebuild, and to celebrate the indomitable spirit of the people of Rio Grande do Sul.

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