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Kitchen of the top of the world NEPAL

In October 2023, I returned to Nepal to continue my work on a project dedicated to combating child trafficking, a cause I've supported since 2015. During this trip, I focused on building an industrial kitchen and developing plans for a new school with a capacity for 250 children. I took the opportunity to visit families who had received new homes, which I had helped to build after the devastating earthquake of 2015. This earthquake, one of the severest in the country's recent history, caused immense losses and displaced thousands of people, making the reconstruction of homes a vital step in the region's recovery. These experiences reinforce the importance of volunteering. By dedicating time and skills to helping others, we can make a significant difference in the lives of many and contribute to building a fairer and more supportive world. I encourage everyone to consider volunteering as a powerful way to make a positive impact.


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