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As the 2017 winter kicked in, Artur contemplated his next charitable endeavor and began exploring opportunities to volunteer in western Africa. Through internet research he learned that the small farming town of Konko in Ghana had a school that was
in dire need of repairs and maintenance and, in April 2017, Artur traveled more than 5,000 miles first to Accra and then on to
Konko. Once there, along with other volunteers, Artur Moreira helped organize and plan the needed work, purchase supplies and add a small school addition, improve site drainage and paint the entire school. The Konko Presby Primary School is a vital part of this small community and had not seen a fresh coat of paint in fortytwo years. After two weeks, the school addition was completed, site improvements were made and the school’s new paint work provided a needed facelift.


In a more permanent manner, prior to leaving Artur established contacts with Konko community
leaders and has maintained continued assistance to Konko and the school.


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