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Rafael Caroni

Rafael Caroni, a young man who had a stroke while surfing with his friends in Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.

While he was in a coma for a year, doctors advised that only a miracle would take him out of that state. The miracle happened, but the Rafael's return to normal life was met with significant challenges.

Unable to walk, Rafael counts on the help of his family and others to survive.


Artur Moreira hosted a charity dinner and invited his friends and business associated in order to raise money for Rafael.


It was enough to buy a specially outfitted car for Rafael, essential for his mobility. The vehicle has improved its quality of life.


In July 2012, he teamed up again with Monica, a friend of the family, to get a more suitable wheelchair for the young man.


It was one of Artur's first experiences with the power of the internet. With the help of residents of Curitiba, who were also moved by Rafael's story, a bank account to raise funds was created and disclosed on the network.


In a few days it was raised enough to buy the wheelchair, and there was still a little left to help pay for the health plan that this example of willpower needs so much.

"I've been following Rafael's story for 4 years and whenever I can I get involved in the cause I will" says Artur Moreira, ready to help once again if necessary

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