Who is Artur Moreira

His Humanitarian Work

Artur has always lived his life to the fullest, never holding back, always putting his heart on what he believed. After years of hardwork, and being successfull as an entrepreneur, he started creating goals to help people that had less, or went through major cataclisms on their lifes. Artur saw the potential, and how people followed him and helped him that he started to creating fundraisers for projects like Nepal, Ghana, Escadaria da Colina, Texas Hurricane relief, Haiti, Hurricane sandy in NJ and many more. What makes him unique is that he is a do'er and he will go, help, and make a difference.

Humanitarian Work

Learn how Artur Moreira gives others help and hope, by revitalizing spaces, building houses and shelters, money fundraising for children and much more.

Custom Woodwork

Artur Moreira offers custom, Unique woodwork through is Woodwork NJ company for Commercial and Residential spaces.

Unique Furniture

See the unique items Artur Moreira has produced and been recognized internationally for, or even buy one.

Little Friend Pop

See all of Artur Moreira's world traveling experiences with his famous "Amiguinho Pop"

I can help your Project

If you want to help others like family, neighborhoods, friends or a bigger cause, and you don't have the tools or means to do it, but your heart believes in it, Artur can try to help you achieve the goals of your social project. Together we are believers.
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